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America loves its coffee. It is estimated that 65% of American adults drink coffee with their breakfast – and their coffee consumption does not stop once they leave the breakfast table behind. The average American coffee drinker will consume just over three cups in a day. That may not seem a lot – but the grand total of 146 billion cups of coffee per year does perhaps give a better idea of just how popular coffee is in the United States – and startlingly enough that doesn’t even place the U.S. in the top ten coffee drinking countries – that honor goes to Finland – where each coffee drinker consumes 26.5 lbs per year – 2.2 lbs per month.

American’s overwhelmingly enjoy their coffee at home – even though marketing by national coffee chains would have consumers believe that they are the first choice for a cup of Joe. Those drinkers tend to favor instant coffee, although the rise of the single-serving coffee machine is allowing them greater choice in the types of coffee that they can enjoy.

But if there is one consumer group that is changing the way that America’s enjoy their caffeine (and coffee is by far the preferred source of getting that fix) it is Millennials. Millennials are turning to gourmet coffee Charlotte in greater and greater numbers. It is estimated that around 48% of this consumer group are now indulging in coffee at the higher end of the market. Around 36% of younger people are drinking cappuccinos and lattes, with 22% of them turning to espresso to meet their daily caffeine requirements.

So what exactly defines a gourmet coffee. Those who want to enjoy the gourmet coffee Charlotte, North Carolina experience might be amazed to know that there is no one definition of what exactly constitutes a gourmet coffee experience. In fact, as a rule of thumb, the concept of gourmet coffee is a coffee experience that boasts superior flavor.

However, the type of coffee bean used in the brewing of the coffee can give coffee drinkers a good idea of whether or not they are about to enjoy that gourmet beverage.

There are two main types of coffee beans that are grown in different regions around the globe. These are Arabica coffee and robusta coffee. Overwhelmingly the Arabica coffee is that which is used to produce what are today known as ‘gourmet’ coffees. This type of coffee is more expensive (and boasts a more subtle flavor profile) than the Robusta coffee which is usually used in the blends that one would find in many instant coffees on the market.

Arabica coffee was originally cultivated in Ethiopia, but today is sourced from many countries where high altitudes and hot humid conditions persist throughout the year. Plantations that specialize in the production of Arabica are now found in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.

Aside from gourmet offerings such as Cappacino, Espresso and other types of coffees consumers can now also enjoy a variety of flavored coffees that use Arabica beans as a base. flavors can include vanilla, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon and even pumpkin spice (among many others).

For those want to dive into the gourmet coffee Charlotte experience it is well worth remembering that experimentation will prove rewarding. There are many gourmet coffee blends on the market – exploring the depths of taste of the Arabica bean in its many liquid forms can prove immensely rewarding.

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