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To say that Americans like their cup of coffee is to grossly understate just how popular this caffeine-laced beverage is in the United States. In fact, Americans consume around 146 billion cups of coffee per year (approximately 400 million cups each day).

The average coffee drinker in the U.S. enjoys approximately three cups most days of the week. The majority of American’s enjoy instant coffee – which has been experiencing a revival in recent years – however gourmet coffee is quickly eating into the market share of the instant coffee producers.

If you have started exploring the world of gourmet coffee you are in good company. According to recent research, it appears that the popularity of gourmet coffee is climbing. Data collected by the NCA indicates that younger coffee drinkers are increasingly turning to gourmet coffee for their daily fix. Statistics from 2018 show that 36% of Millenialls drink cappuccinos, lattes and 22% of them like espresso.

There are plenty of choices for gourmet coffee Durham. If you are like the majority of Americans then you will enjoy your coffee at home. Single-cup servings supplied by advanced coffee machines have increased the choice of coffees that are available – in fact, the use of these machines has grown fourfold over the last few years.

When it comes to choosing which gourmet coffee would best suit your individual taste it’s important to know a little about the beans that are used to give different types of coffee a unique flavor profile.

The first of the two types is Arabica. These beans are challenging to grow and can only be harvested in a few parts of the world. These beans are very highly regarded due to their unique flavor – and often more pricey than the other type of bean – Robusta.

Robusta is preferred by many coffee drinkers due to the fact that it has a stronger flavor than Arabica. It is also higher in caffeine than Arabica. It has a distinct woody taste and the flavor profile makes it ideal for blending and it is also used in instant coffee.

Arabica is usually the bean that is used to produce high-end gourmet coffees. There are no hard and fast rules to defining what constitutes ‘gourmet coffee’ – but is widely recognized that coffee produced in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Sumatra will offer a truly gourmet experience.

However, it is not necessary to break the bank in order to enjoy a gourmet coffee experience. There are types of gourmet coffees that use Robusta or coffee bean blends to achieve something sublime.

Making the gourmet coffee experience even more interesting is that there are a number of coffees on the market which are flavored. Among the more popular of these types of gourmet coffees are mint, cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate.

Elevating your beverage to new heights with Gourmet Coffee Durham can be tremendously rewarding. You can choose from the ever-popular Americano or explore Cappuccino and Espresso. You can choose to explore Arabica as a base for home-brewed coffee (an option that becoming increasingly popular). What is certain is that your experience will open up a whole new world of flavor.

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